Leather care

Store your Estados luxury leather goods in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight, ideally in the acid-free tissue paper that they arrive in. Don't store leather goods in plastic.

Don't overfill or stretch them, to prevent loss of shape.

Brush your leather goods from time to time with a soft brush, or wipe them clean with a slightly damp cloth, to maintain their appearance.

If your leather goods get wet, blot them at once with a soft, absorbent cloth and leave them to dry naturally in a cool dark place. Avoid forced drying.

Before applying any wax, cream or other care product, first apply it to a small area that is not normally seen to test the effect. Fresh stains from substances such as food should be cleaned quickly with a slightly damp cloth.

Stains from oil or grease can be eased by grinding ordinary white chalk, then sprinkling it over the affected area. Leave the chalk powder on for at least twenty-four hours. Don't rub it in. Afterwards, carefully remove the powder. Resilient stains should be treated by a professional.